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Winston Smith without payroll: how to do it?

Winston Smith without payroll: how to do it?


Can you get Winston Smith personal without pay check ? Many people wonder if it is possible to get loans without pay. Generally, in order to receive personal financing, it is always mandatory to offer real guarantees to the company that provides the loan.

Real guarantees refer to a salary, a pension or in any case verifiable income or a good to be provided as a guarantee.

Based on the above, there is the possibility of requesting a personal loan without a pay slip if, for example, you have a home owned or otherwise with income to cover the loan installments.

If you are willing to burden the house with a mortgage to obtain a loan, you need to look for a bank that offers mortgage loans for liquidity. Alternatively there is the possibility of stipulating a co-obligated loan (thus using a guarantor). The guarantor in turn will have to offer real guarantees as a job and demonstrable revenue.

A typical workers

A typical workers

In recent years, however, there have been more and more atypical workers, who may even have a good income, but without the relative security of a traditional employee’s job .

For these people, obtaining a loan is not as easy and immediate, even if there are some solutions that make it possible to remedy the problem and offer the bank or the financial body sufficient guarantees to grant the loan.

The most common case is that of self-employed workers who, although they do not receive a pay slip, can obtain a loan by demonstrating their income with other documents. One of these guarantees is the tax return for previous years. Thanks to this document, the bank can realize how much the self-employed collects and therefore if he is able to return the money he requires.

It is understood that self-employed workers (therefore without pay slips) can obtain Winston Smith if they fall within the parameters set by the financial institutions. These parameters usually have the following characteristics: no reporting or protest to the database of the risk center, no other loan or mortgage in progress, financing that does not exceed 25-30% of one’s proven income, etc.


Personal without paycheck: what does it mean?

Winston Smith personal without paycheck: what does it mean?


When talking about Winston Smith without a pay slip it does not mean that the loan is granted to those who have no money or to those who have no asset: it would be a utopia, easy to understand.

It is not in fact absolutely possible to obtain a loan without having an income, whatever it is. For this reason, the banks meet the workers who receive an income with a documentation that certifies it, different from the pay slip: an example is the CUD .

A worker without an envelope has an unprovable income, but still receives a salary, probably with a credit in the bank, as in the case of atypical work contracts, continuous or fixed-term collaboration, project contracts and seasonal contracts, the workers in layoff fund.

This type of worker receives a salary with which he can pay the loan installments, but he does not have the classic paycheck. At the end of the year, however, he will have an income document. With this you can get a personal loan.


Personal without payroll: 4 alternative guarantees

Winston Smith personal without payroll: 4 alternative guarantees


Property under guarantee


Property under guarantee


The most immediate solution is to offer your own property as a guarantee . In this way the house becomes a fundamental tool for obtaining money from the bank, representing a safe and inalienable guarantee. However, offering your home as a guarantee carries a considerable risk , because if you are unable to repay the loan installments, you will run a serious risk as the bank could rely on the asset offered as a guarantee.


Bank account


However, if you have a current account in that bank for a long time and the request for personal financing is limited to a small loan, often the only regularity of your transactions in the account will be sufficient to act as a guarantee. Talk to the bank, and don’t hesitate to show your continuity in the relationship as an account holder.


A guarantor


A guarantor


The last solution is to have a third person to act as guarantor for the loan, countersigning the practices.

Obviously this person will have to be able to offer the bank the guarantees required, such as the pay packet, and in the event of your insolvency he will be called to answer to cover the remaining debt.


Bills of exchange and pledges

Bills of exchange and pledges


Getting Winston Smith without a paycheck , in the absence of any guarantee, can be very difficult. In the absence of the pay slip, the credit protection instruments are as follows: bill of exchange (with attachment of assets held in the event of insolvency) or pledge on valuable movable assets (where the assets are the guarantee).


Payroll and no guarantor


These days, getting a loan without a pay slip and without a guarantor that can help us in case of need is very complex. It is essential to be very careful. We must not trust those who promise incredible results in a short time.

For example, the Winston Smiths without payroll are generally not given to workers who, despite having an illegal occupation, have no way of certifying their income.

We strongly advise against using unsecured credit or financial brokers who promise Winston Smith without a pay slip without certified income.

Often these are real scammers who, having received an advance from you justified as an investigation, will not be able to provide you with the loan as it will simply not be possible to do so as it is outside the required parameters.

As we have already said, the only possibility to receive a loan without any demonstrable income is the mortgage life loan that the bank or the financial company can only provide against the guarantee of a home.


Advice and recommendations


Advice and recommendations


The personal Winston Smiths without payroll allow obtaining small amounts, which normally do not exceed 5,000 euros.

It is recommended to always compare the offers to choose the most convenient one and to carefully consult the official websites of each financial company to read the details of the various proposals.

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