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Unfortunately, we do not always control all the circumstances in our lives. For example, it may happen that you lose your job due to the economy, or that you get into an accident that means you are out of running for a few months. At that moment the question arises: “Borrowing money without income is possible”. During these months you can be without a fixed income and that is a scary thought.

Certainly since the bills also simply have to be paid. Like many other fellow nationals, you may be grinding hours about what the options are. You are in a difficult position, but you can still go much more than you would expect. In this article, you will get a list of options that are still open to you. Of course, it is up to you to make use of this or not. Because you know borrowing money always costs money.

Internet loan lenders can help you get money

An internet loan is especially nice if you have sudden expenses, so go to and try for freeYou take out the loan for a maximum period of 62 days. So if you have an income again you have to pay the amount. This has the advantage that you do not have to pay much interest on this loan because it only runs for a short time.

You can borrow money without income

Asking friends and family for financial support is big and above all scary step. Feelings of shame and taboo often play a role and it is difficult to make use of this option.

Try to let this go and make sure you are well prepared when you start asking the question. Often family members and friends already know that you are in a difficult situation, but if that is not the case, prepare yourself for giving text and explanation.

Try to get out

Don’t be ashamed. Unfortunately, the situation is as it is and you are trying to get out. Yet the person you are knocking on has the right to know what is going on and what you intend to do about it.

Therefore make sure that you can make a proposal. Make clear and clear agreements for both parties and of course, comply with them. This way, borrowing money cannot get in between you. Borrowing private money I can certainly help a number of cases.

A social loan from the GoodBank

On the question: Borrowing money without income, you can answer that there are still some possibilities. If the step to family or friends is too large or you simply don’t have the opportunity to ask them, you still have other options. For example, you can apply for a social loan from the municipality.

The moment your income is below 130% of the minimum wage you are eligible for a social loan. At the time of writing, the minimum wage for 22 years and older is € 1565.40 gross per month.
The loan is provided by the GoodBank, also known as the Municipal Credit Bank. Since this loan is granted on a non-profit basis, the conditions are even more favorable. Keep in mind that you still have to pay interest. In consultation with the city bank, you will receive a customized loan so that you can simply pay it off.

Mini loan

Don’t feel like or have time to look at the options above? Do you still need money in the short term? Then you can think of mini loans. You can often borrow amounts up to € 1500 in the short term.

The advantage of this way of borrowing money is that it is fast. Another advantage is that there is no review on the BKR. For people who are on a so-called ‘blacklist’, this is the last chance to get some financial room. It is also very important that you take a good look at the costs of a mini loan, as these are not tender.