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To make the right and informed choice, we recommend making several financing simulations, varying the amount and number of installments. It also compares the various credit institutions, it will help you understand if Agos is the best solution. For any request or information you can always contact the Agos customer service. Yet another advice, apparently banal but essential: carefully evaluate the choice of the monthly installment , opt for a cost that you are sure you can sustain over time.


 Agos: Barry Lyndon and funding


  • Barry Lyndon personal : Barry Lyndon is fast and flexible, designed to meet a personal expense or purchase. Agos delivers up to € 30,000, receivable within 48 hours.
  • Debt consolidation : if you have many debts and want to merge them in one installment.
  • Young couples : designed for couples who plan a life together. Also in this case Agos delivers up to 30,000 euros.
  • Young people : for young people who are planning their future, between study, work and entrepreneurship.

Whatever the financial package best suited to your needs, you can calculate your loan installment on the Agos website.


Online installment calculation: what advantages


Online installment calculation: what advantages


Why calculate your loan installment? Unless yours is one of the few and zero-interest loans, the calculation of the installment is fundamental. Thanks to the tool on the Agos website, you can find out about the various installment options directly at home, on a PC or smartphone, and decide calmly by evaluating any possible repayment plan. Furthermore you will be able to understand how to face the payment of the installments based on your economic possibilities and make a more informed choice.

With the Agos loan simulation you will therefore be sure to have a clear and complete picture, from monthly installments to applied rates.


Calculate installment

 Barry Lyndon Agos: calculate installment

How to calculate the Agos loan installment? Just go to the official Agos website and use the appropriate tool, located in the upper right corner of all pages related to Barry Lyndon. But let’s see how to proceed:

  1. Enter the loan amount.
  2. Evaluates the different hypotheses of installments, with relative rates applied TAN and APR. Agos specifies that the result may undergo changes based on the fluctuation of these two rates and the personal financial profile analyzed in the preliminary phase.
  3. Download and print the Secci Form relating to the installments you have chosen, which contains all the details of the loan.
  4. If you think Agos is the best choice, send the request for an Agos quote directly online. The alternative is to call the toll-free number (which you will find at the bottom of the page) to book a consultation in the branch nearest you.

If you are still not convinced of the Agos loan, consider other possibilities and other financial ones.


TAN and APR: what they are


 TAN and APR: what they are


As we have already written, the loan installment is closely linked to the fluctuation of TAN and APR. The TAN (Annual Nominal Rate) corresponds to the interest charged on the loan, calculated based on the amount requested. The APR (Annual Global Effective Interest Rate) corresponds to all the expenses that will be applied to the loan: therefore not only the interests, but also the preliminary procedures, any additional policies and maintenance practices. It will therefore be greater than the TAN.

We advise you to always pay close attention to these two values, as the total cost of your loan will depend on them. Force your eyes a little and always read carefully the footnotes and the minuscule writings related to these data.

SECCI module

 SECCI module


The Secci Module, an acronym for Standard European Consumer Credit Information, is an information document that became mandatory in June 2011. It contains all the useful and necessary information to transparently evaluate your financing.

The Secci Module is divided into 3 sections:

  • General information on the chosen financial product
  • Rates, expenses and costs (TAN, APR, any costs for late or non-payment of monthly installments)
  • Consumer rights and legal expenses

The document is completed with additional information, such as how to sign the contract (online or in person).

On the loan simulation page, at the bottom of the installment options, you can view and print the form, in PDF format, based on the option you have chosen. We therefore recommend that you read the document carefully before applying for a loan and signing any form: in this way you can check the feasibility of the loan and the monthly installment and evaluate every minimum detail. Only then can you choose the best, without incurring unpleasant surprises.