Ferratum Online Loan Easy, Reliable and Secure

Ferratum online loan – We know that in Brazil, banks charge high interest rates to provide loans. When it comes to personal loan, the process is even more complicated and time consuming. Not infrequently the cases of people who were really in need of credit, went to some banks and heard a “no” after another. Companies like Ferratum promise to change this reality.

Acting as Socinal SA’s banking correspondent – Credit, Financing and Investment, Ferratum provides fast personal loan online with virtually no bureaucracy. The minimum loan amount is R $ 200.00 and the maximum amount is R $ 3 thousand. Whether it’s to fulfill a dream, invest in a business or pay an emergency account, Ferratum’s credit is reliable and secure .

One of the great advantages of Ferratum’s online personal credit is that the negatives can also apply for a loan. Although each case is analyzed individually, it is still possible to obtain the same negative credit. Some bank correspondents have a very restricted policy and automatically deny credit requests to the negatives, unlike in Ferratum.

Online personal loan from Ferratum

Online personal loan from Ferratum

Ferratum is one of the simplest online personal credit tools. Their mission is to truly offer users the fastest and easiest loan service over the Internet. Everything happens 100% online through a computer or cell phone. Those who are looking for the loan do not have to face queues or even leave the house to get the money they need.

Forget the bureaucracy, the physical documents, the paperwork and the huge waiting time typical of a bank. With advanced and sophisticated technology, Ferratum facilitates the loan application process. After you register and submit your proposal, the result will be released in a few minutes. You will know if you will receive the money at about the same time.

How to apply for a loan from Ferratum?

How to apply for a loan from Ferratum?

Step 1

Access the official site by clicking here and then on the home page, use the values ​​tool to choose how much you need and how many parcels you want to pay. Then click the “Apply for your loan here” button.

Step 2

On the screen that opens, the system will have calculated the IOF and interest rates according to your loan preferences. If it is ok for you, you will need to register. Fill in all the requested data and then when you finish, your proposal will be sent for credit analysis. In a few minutes you will receive the answer.

Step 3

If your proposal is approved, you must sign the loan agreement. Do not worry, because this process is also done online. This is called a “digital signature” and it happens when you carefully read the agreement, agree to the terms and authorize the transfer of the money to your account.

Step 4

The money will be deposited into the account you reported during step 2 (registration) within 24 business hours – no payments are made on weekends or holidays.

Please note: payment will only be made if your account details are correct and you are the owner of the account.

Accounts accepted

To receive your Ferratum loan, you must have a current account (savings account is not accepted) at one of the following partner banks:

  • Bradesco
  • Bank of Brazil
  • Federal Savings Bank
  • Santander
  • Itaú

How to pay the installments of the loan?


When you register, you will be able to choose the best day to pay for your parcels. If you choose every 10 days, for example, you will receive the monthly email link a few days before the link to access your ticket.

If you do not receive the link by email, you can access your account at Ferratum and issue the 2nd copy of the ticket at no cost.

Is it possible to make more than one loan at a time?

Is it possible to make more than one loan at a time?

Yes. This is one of the great differentials of Ferratum . While most companies that provide online personal credit only allow one loan to be made at a time per person, Ferratum does it differently.

After paying the second installment of your current loan, you can already access the system and request a new loan. The same is also subject to credit analysis, but as you are already registered, the approval process is even faster.

After all, is Ferratum reliable and secure?


The answer to that question is “yes.”

Ferratum offers online loans in a completely transparent and secure way, without thousands of questions or tiny letters hidden in the footer. All rates and fees are provided to the user while he applies for his loan online, so there are no unpleasant surprises.

All Ferratum costs are already included in the financing installments, so anyone applying for a loan will never have to pay anything beyond what has already been agreed.

In addition to all this, the company is also a partner of a number of financial institutions regulated by the Central Bank, therefore, the process is fully protected by law.

If you are looking for a personal loan online, visit the website of Ferratum and know more about the services offered.