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When you calculate the monthly income for your household by compiling all the forms of resources you have (salary (s), pension (s), help (s)) and you look at all your expenses, which ones cost you the most? more money and where a lot of your purchasing power goes, the repayment of your various loans is important. The percentage that this represents, even if it should in theory not exceed the 33% of indebtedness of which you have probably already heard, still remains substantial, especially when you have a real estate credit in progress which represents most often the largest item of expenditure in a household’s budget.

One only has to see with what impatience all the people who have a current mortgage loan aspire so that it does not end to be able to return from there a nice sum in purchasing power and / or d ‘saving.


If credit is so important, then so is the rate

If credit is so important, then so is the rate

As a result of all this, you can not decently tell you that your monthly budget is encumbered at this point without it helping to repay a very large portion of the capital that was lent to you at the time of the negotiation of your credit and duty. repaying too much interest on borrowed capital. So you have to have a rate that is as low as possible. And in practice, in recent years, it is quite possible to have a rate of 2/3% for a personal loan (even less for the mortgage). There is no doubt that you will find attractive interest rate offers in this market. It remains to be able to negotiate a little more and to watch the other expenses as we see further on this page.


How to regain budgetary flexibility?

How to regain budgetary flexibility?

To reduce the importance of your loan or all of your bank loans and be each month holding a sum to spend and / or save more, there are not dozens of solutions. Either it is necessary to block the expenses and to gain more, often easy to say and not always obvious to put in place concretely, it is necessary to limit the expenses. And for that, as credit will often be your first expense item, it is the one that would benefit the most from being decreased. To do this, you can consider several different strategies, which sometimes will also make your life easier with respect to your obligations to your creditors. Among others:

  • the redemption or consolidation of credits, if you have several different credits in progress at the same time,
  • credit renegotiation (most often mortgage loans),
  • the renegotiation of your borrower insurance,
  • the purchase of a mortgage loan.


The interest rate is not the only prism of the loan

The interest rate is not the only prism of the loan

Each and every one of us naturally focuses on borrowing rates. But the reality is that you have to look first and foremost at the amount of the monthly payments and the total cost of credit. The interest rate is indeed a determining element as mentioned above but some offers of loans (to say all) add file fees , insurance borrower or co-borrowers , a financial guarantee also. each of these elements inflates the price and can potentially make an initial borrowing capacity insufficient for your project.


Choose your bank and broker partners

Choose your bank and broker partners

We have seen how important the part devoted to credit is, so it seems to us essential to entrust your personal projects in this area to people with whom the contact passes well and with whom you feel confident and who will know as well treat your file on the technical level by demonstrating a great expertise that to show a great discretion knowing that if you expose to them your personal financial situation, you did not necessarily want that this last does not found on the public square. Credit brokers, lending organizations such as banks, you must take the time to choose the financial partner (s) who will take care of you with the utmost care. They are the ones who hold the keys to a successful financial operation, so contact must be excellent.

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Sometimes you may need an extra deposit in your account at short notice. For example, if you get an urgent need, some sort of unforeseen expense that needs to be paid as soon as possible or maybe if you really want something and don’t have the patience to wait.

That’s when a quick small loan can be an option – to get a quick supplement at the cash register. Here we compare a larger number of loans of the type fast loans, where you often have the money in the account the same or the next day.

Sms / fast loans are a high cost credit. If you cannot repay the entire debt, you risk a payment note. Contact the budget and debt advisory services in your municipality for support.

Lenders offering SMS loans with payment note

Lenders offering SMS loans with payment note

Of course, a quick loan is very much about getting the money quickly, as the name suggests. Most lenders who deal with fast loans offer small loans of between USD 500 and USD 15,000 where you usually borrow for a shorter period – 30 – 90 days (sometimes maybe a little longer but less than a year). SMS loans are usually the same type of loan, but a fast loan has, as I said, focused on quick payment.

An ordinary fast loan usually goes through your application very quickly, as long as you apply for a loan during the lender’s opening hours. Once the loan has been approved, you usually have the money either the same day or the day after. On the weekend it may be late on Monday. Some lenders aim to pay out the money within 15 minutes during business hours on weekdays.

Part of the fact that it is fast is that the lenders often use eg BankID, mobile BankID and e-identification etc. when they verify your identity and allow you to sign the loan documents. You can also get an account with them. Because everything is done digitally, you do not have to use the old method, which means that you will receive the promissory note sent to you by mail and then sign on and send it back. Then the loan can take 5-6 days before it is completed, which is not so fast.

  • Get your application assessed almost immediately. You will know if you are approved or denied within 5 minutes during opening hours.
  • Get the money paid either the same day or the next. Exactly how fast it goes depends on whether you apply during business hours or not, on weekday or weekend and what bank you have. Some lenders are also a little faster than others.
  • The loan is normally small, up to USD 10,000 and the maturity 90 days or similar, which means that you pay back pretty quickly.
  • You should think through your needs carefully and only borrow if you really need the money and if you know you can repay within the term.

If it is really important to get money quickly


This type of loan can be an option. It is, as I said, not the cheapest loan available and you should clearly not borrow unless you are sure you need the money and that you can repay the loan properly. If you have decided to borrow then you can think of these things to get your money as quickly as possible.

  • The lender’s opening hours are important as they only go through applications and make payments during working hours. If you apply for a loan on a Tuesday at 13, then it should be dealt with directly and the payment is also handled more or less directly. If you apply after the closing date, it is handled the day after.
  • Different lenders have different opening hours. Some are open later in the evening and some also have full opening. If you need the money really fast – look up the opening hours so that the lender you choose is actually open and can handle your application.
  • Payments can sometimes come in on the same day, even within 15 minutes of the application being approved. Otherwise within a few hours. Getting the money into the account so quickly doesn’t always work. Some banks tend to be premium, such as Nordea. It is seldom that it takes more than the day after before the money is in the account, however, it is probably only if you apply on the weekend (and especially if it is weekend closed with the lender).
  • The better you fill out your application, the less likely it is that something will be a hassle, that the lender will need to look up additional information or anything else that may delay the approval of the loan. So be careful and fill in your application properly.

An alternative to taking a small loan

An alternative to taking a small loan

Such as a quick loan may be to have a credit card that you can use in special situations, for example in emergencies and when an unexpected expense arises. As a type of buffer. Of course, it is best to save a buffer so that you have the money to solve these situations without loans or credits, but if you do not have any buffer saved now, a credit card is a pretty good solution.

The important thing about a credit card is that you repay the debt in a fairly short time. Usually you have 30-45 days interest-free on the card and if you pay the next invoice you get the credit completely without interest. It is a good deal and then there will be no extra charge when you take out your loan / credit. However, if you do not pay the entire debt on the next invoice, then the loan will be interest, which is quite high in addition. Then it will not be directly affordable.

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Unfortunately, we do not always control all the circumstances in our lives. For example, it may happen that you lose your job due to the economy, or that you get into an accident that means you are out of running for a few months. At that moment the question arises: “Borrowing money without income is possible”. During these months you can be without a fixed income and that is a scary thought.

Certainly since the bills also simply have to be paid. Like many other fellow nationals, you may be grinding hours about what the options are. You are in a difficult position, but you can still go much more than you would expect. In this article, you will get a list of options that are still open to you. Of course, it is up to you to make use of this or not. Because you know borrowing money always costs money.

Internet loan lenders can help you get money

An internet loan is especially nice if you have sudden expenses, so go to and try for freeYou take out the loan for a maximum period of 62 days. So if you have an income again you have to pay the amount. This has the advantage that you do not have to pay much interest on this loan because it only runs for a short time.

You can borrow money without income

Asking friends and family for financial support is big and above all scary step. Feelings of shame and taboo often play a role and it is difficult to make use of this option.

Try to let this go and make sure you are well prepared when you start asking the question. Often family members and friends already know that you are in a difficult situation, but if that is not the case, prepare yourself for giving text and explanation.

Try to get out

Don’t be ashamed. Unfortunately, the situation is as it is and you are trying to get out. Yet the person you are knocking on has the right to know what is going on and what you intend to do about it.

Therefore make sure that you can make a proposal. Make clear and clear agreements for both parties and of course, comply with them. This way, borrowing money cannot get in between you. Borrowing private money I can certainly help a number of cases.

A social loan from the GoodBank

On the question: Borrowing money without income, you can answer that there are still some possibilities. If the step to family or friends is too large or you simply don’t have the opportunity to ask them, you still have other options. For example, you can apply for a social loan from the municipality.

The moment your income is below 130% of the minimum wage you are eligible for a social loan. At the time of writing, the minimum wage for 22 years and older is € 1565.40 gross per month.
The loan is provided by the GoodBank, also known as the Municipal Credit Bank. Since this loan is granted on a non-profit basis, the conditions are even more favorable. Keep in mind that you still have to pay interest. In consultation with the city bank, you will receive a customized loan so that you can simply pay it off.

Mini loan

Don’t feel like or have time to look at the options above? Do you still need money in the short term? Then you can think of mini loans. You can often borrow amounts up to € 1500 in the short term.

The advantage of this way of borrowing money is that it is fast. Another advantage is that there is no review on the BKR. For people who are on a so-called ‘blacklist’, this is the last chance to get some financial room. It is also very important that you take a good look at the costs of a mini loan, as these are not tender.

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Loans for temporary employees are amounts of money made available by credit institutions to those who work for private companies or public bodies. The employee who needs a certain amount of money can request a personal loan, that is free from constraints, or a loan for the payment of an appliance, a car and other goods or services. The sum received must then be repaid in convenient monthly installments at the time of signing the loan agreement, logically including interest.


How to request them

How to request them

Employees with fixed-term contracts (ie, with expiration) can apply for a loan, only this will have a short duration and therefore even the sum that can be requested will consequently be smaller. Credentials are having a job for at least 6 months and have residence in Italy. Depending on the expiration of the employment contract, the duration of the loan will be long, so an employee who will have his or her employment contract expired in a year will be forced to repay the sum received in up to 12 monthly installments, which means that the the sum that can be requested must necessarily be limited.

To apply for loans for employees, it will be necessary to go to the branch and present the pay slip as a guarantee of income, a valid identity card, a social security number or a health card instead. Once the request has been submitted, the credit institution will examine the financial situation of the applicant and after a few days will decide on the fate of the loan. The employee will also be able to make this request from the comfort of his home by connecting via the internet or directly to the official website of a specific credit institution, or he can consult different estimates and then choose the one that best suits his needs thanks to the comparator of estimates, which is made available. free from some specialized sites.


The salary assignment for fixed-term employees


The salary assignment for fixed-term employees

The category of employees is the one most rewarded by the credit institutions , because they are in possession of the safest guarantee that there is and that is the pay slip, which is synonymous with monthly fixed income. Employees, precisely because they possess this income document, can also take advantage of the loan with salary-backed loan, which specifically means requesting the loan but not having the task of paying it directly, because with this solution every month will be the employer or labor institution to repay the installment to the credit institution, while the debtor will only be charged for the payment of the installment on his pay check.

The salary assignment is so called because the loan installment cannot exceed one fifth of the net salary received by the employee, that is 20%, so making a practical example if an employee receives € 1,000 a month net, the loan installment it cannot exceed 200 euros. To be able to take advantage of the salary transfer, there is only one restriction, namely to take out insurance for sudden loss of work, the credit institution will benefit from this, in the unfortunate event that the employee, with a fixed-term contract , suddenly found himself without a job, would get the sum of the loan from the insurance itself.

Thanks to the solution of the fifth assignment, even the fixed-term employee registered in the register of bad payers or the protestor can easily see themselves accepting a loan, precisely because the reimbursement will not be made by the direct beneficiary of the sum paid and therefore there will be no doubt of new insolvency or delay in repayment of the loan. As you can understand then, the salary-back assignment is really useful for all those who belong to the category of employees.



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Winston Smith without payroll: how to do it?

Winston Smith without payroll: how to do it?


Can you get Winston Smith personal without pay check ? Many people wonder if it is possible to get loans without pay. Generally, in order to receive personal financing, it is always mandatory to offer real guarantees to the company that provides the loan.

Real guarantees refer to a salary, a pension or in any case verifiable income or a good to be provided as a guarantee.

Based on the above, there is the possibility of requesting a personal loan without a pay slip if, for example, you have a home owned or otherwise with income to cover the loan installments.

If you are willing to burden the house with a mortgage to obtain a loan, you need to look for a bank that offers mortgage loans for liquidity. Alternatively there is the possibility of stipulating a co-obligated loan (thus using a guarantor). The guarantor in turn will have to offer real guarantees as a job and demonstrable revenue.

A typical workers

A typical workers

In recent years, however, there have been more and more atypical workers, who may even have a good income, but without the relative security of a traditional employee’s job .

For these people, obtaining a loan is not as easy and immediate, even if there are some solutions that make it possible to remedy the problem and offer the bank or the financial body sufficient guarantees to grant the loan.

The most common case is that of self-employed workers who, although they do not receive a pay slip, can obtain a loan by demonstrating their income with other documents. One of these guarantees is the tax return for previous years. Thanks to this document, the bank can realize how much the self-employed collects and therefore if he is able to return the money he requires.

It is understood that self-employed workers (therefore without pay slips) can obtain Winston Smith if they fall within the parameters set by the financial institutions. These parameters usually have the following characteristics: no reporting or protest to the database of the risk center, no other loan or mortgage in progress, financing that does not exceed 25-30% of one’s proven income, etc.


Personal without paycheck: what does it mean?

Winston Smith personal without paycheck: what does it mean?


When talking about Winston Smith without a pay slip it does not mean that the loan is granted to those who have no money or to those who have no asset: it would be a utopia, easy to understand.

It is not in fact absolutely possible to obtain a loan without having an income, whatever it is. For this reason, the banks meet the workers who receive an income with a documentation that certifies it, different from the pay slip: an example is the CUD .

A worker without an envelope has an unprovable income, but still receives a salary, probably with a credit in the bank, as in the case of atypical work contracts, continuous or fixed-term collaboration, project contracts and seasonal contracts, the workers in layoff fund.

This type of worker receives a salary with which he can pay the loan installments, but he does not have the classic paycheck. At the end of the year, however, he will have an income document. With this you can get a personal loan.


Personal without payroll: 4 alternative guarantees

Winston Smith personal without payroll: 4 alternative guarantees


Property under guarantee


Property under guarantee


The most immediate solution is to offer your own property as a guarantee . In this way the house becomes a fundamental tool for obtaining money from the bank, representing a safe and inalienable guarantee. However, offering your home as a guarantee carries a considerable risk , because if you are unable to repay the loan installments, you will run a serious risk as the bank could rely on the asset offered as a guarantee.


Bank account


However, if you have a current account in that bank for a long time and the request for personal financing is limited to a small loan, often the only regularity of your transactions in the account will be sufficient to act as a guarantee. Talk to the bank, and don’t hesitate to show your continuity in the relationship as an account holder.


A guarantor


A guarantor


The last solution is to have a third person to act as guarantor for the loan, countersigning the practices.

Obviously this person will have to be able to offer the bank the guarantees required, such as the pay packet, and in the event of your insolvency he will be called to answer to cover the remaining debt.


Bills of exchange and pledges

Bills of exchange and pledges


Getting Winston Smith without a paycheck , in the absence of any guarantee, can be very difficult. In the absence of the pay slip, the credit protection instruments are as follows: bill of exchange (with attachment of assets held in the event of insolvency) or pledge on valuable movable assets (where the assets are the guarantee).


Payroll and no guarantor


These days, getting a loan without a pay slip and without a guarantor that can help us in case of need is very complex. It is essential to be very careful. We must not trust those who promise incredible results in a short time.

For example, the Winston Smiths without payroll are generally not given to workers who, despite having an illegal occupation, have no way of certifying their income.

We strongly advise against using unsecured credit or financial brokers who promise Winston Smith without a pay slip without certified income.

Often these are real scammers who, having received an advance from you justified as an investigation, will not be able to provide you with the loan as it will simply not be possible to do so as it is outside the required parameters.

As we have already said, the only possibility to receive a loan without any demonstrable income is the mortgage life loan that the bank or the financial company can only provide against the guarantee of a home.


Advice and recommendations


Advice and recommendations


The personal Winston Smiths without payroll allow obtaining small amounts, which normally do not exceed 5,000 euros.

It is recommended to always compare the offers to choose the most convenient one and to carefully consult the official websites of each financial company to read the details of the various proposals.

Other information:

  • Loan without payroll Findomestic
  • Loan without payroll Compass
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To make the right and informed choice, we recommend making several financing simulations, varying the amount and number of installments. It also compares the various credit institutions, it will help you understand if Agos is the best solution. For any request or information you can always contact the Agos customer service. Yet another advice, apparently banal but essential: carefully evaluate the choice of the monthly installment , opt for a cost that you are sure you can sustain over time.


 Agos: Barry Lyndon and funding


  • Barry Lyndon personal : Barry Lyndon is fast and flexible, designed to meet a personal expense or purchase. Agos delivers up to € 30,000, receivable within 48 hours.
  • Debt consolidation : if you have many debts and want to merge them in one installment.
  • Young couples : designed for couples who plan a life together. Also in this case Agos delivers up to 30,000 euros.
  • Young people : for young people who are planning their future, between study, work and entrepreneurship.

Whatever the financial package best suited to your needs, you can calculate your loan installment on the Agos website.


Online installment calculation: what advantages


Online installment calculation: what advantages


Why calculate your loan installment? Unless yours is one of the few and zero-interest loans, the calculation of the installment is fundamental. Thanks to the tool on the Agos website, you can find out about the various installment options directly at home, on a PC or smartphone, and decide calmly by evaluating any possible repayment plan. Furthermore you will be able to understand how to face the payment of the installments based on your economic possibilities and make a more informed choice.

With the Agos loan simulation you will therefore be sure to have a clear and complete picture, from monthly installments to applied rates.


Calculate installment

 Barry Lyndon Agos: calculate installment

How to calculate the Agos loan installment? Just go to the official Agos website and use the appropriate tool, located in the upper right corner of all pages related to Barry Lyndon. But let’s see how to proceed:

  1. Enter the loan amount.
  2. Evaluates the different hypotheses of installments, with relative rates applied TAN and APR. Agos specifies that the result may undergo changes based on the fluctuation of these two rates and the personal financial profile analyzed in the preliminary phase.
  3. Download and print the Secci Form relating to the installments you have chosen, which contains all the details of the loan.
  4. If you think Agos is the best choice, send the request for an Agos quote directly online. The alternative is to call the toll-free number (which you will find at the bottom of the page) to book a consultation in the branch nearest you.

If you are still not convinced of the Agos loan, consider other possibilities and other financial ones.


TAN and APR: what they are


 TAN and APR: what they are


As we have already written, the loan installment is closely linked to the fluctuation of TAN and APR. The TAN (Annual Nominal Rate) corresponds to the interest charged on the loan, calculated based on the amount requested. The APR (Annual Global Effective Interest Rate) corresponds to all the expenses that will be applied to the loan: therefore not only the interests, but also the preliminary procedures, any additional policies and maintenance practices. It will therefore be greater than the TAN.

We advise you to always pay close attention to these two values, as the total cost of your loan will depend on them. Force your eyes a little and always read carefully the footnotes and the minuscule writings related to these data.

SECCI module

 SECCI module


The Secci Module, an acronym for Standard European Consumer Credit Information, is an information document that became mandatory in June 2011. It contains all the useful and necessary information to transparently evaluate your financing.

The Secci Module is divided into 3 sections:

  • General information on the chosen financial product
  • Rates, expenses and costs (TAN, APR, any costs for late or non-payment of monthly installments)
  • Consumer rights and legal expenses

The document is completed with additional information, such as how to sign the contract (online or in person).

On the loan simulation page, at the bottom of the installment options, you can view and print the form, in PDF format, based on the option you have chosen. We therefore recommend that you read the document carefully before applying for a loan and signing any form: in this way you can check the feasibility of the loan and the monthly installment and evaluate every minimum detail. Only then can you choose the best, without incurring unpleasant surprises.



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Leading loan broker

Freedom Finance is a Swedish loan broker with operations in Sweden, Germany and Finland. The company has been included in a group of brands since 2015 under the name Zmarta Group, which is owned by the German Bauer Media Group. We have taken a look at what products the company offers, how it stands against other loan operators and whether it really mediates the market’s cheapest loan

What products does Freedom Finance offer?


Freedom Finance markets itself as “one of Sweden’s leading loan intermediaries”. The company compares (and mediates) private loans and car loans from several different banks and credit companies. You can also get help collecting your loans for a single new private loan. You can apply up to SEK 500,000 without security via Freedom Finance.

What are the costs for Freedom Finance loans?

What are the costs for Freedom Finance loans?


Of course, the interest rate varies for the loans offered through Freedom Finance, but it usually ends up somewhere between 6 and 25%.


You choose to borrow the lowest possible loan amount of SEK 5000 with a repayment period of 1 year. The average cost of the loan will be SEK 444 per month. This means an interest rate of 6.56%. The total cost of the loan is SEK 5328.

Let’s see what happens if you instead choose to borrow SEK 250,000 with a repayment period of 10 years: the average cost of the loan will be SEK 2567 a month. This means an interest rate of 23.2%. The total cost of the loan will be SEK 308040.


What fees apply when you borrow money through Freedom Finance?


What fees apply when you borrow money through Freedom Finance?


You will not find out what loan terms (or fees) will be added to your loan until you actually submit a loan application to Freedom Finance. By fees is meant eg. processing fees, transfer fees and other additional fees set by the lender.


How does Freedom Finance stand against other loans?

How does Freedom Finance stand against other loans?

Freedom Finance works with 24 affiliated banks and credit institutions in Sweden. Of these, at least five apply individual interest rates. At least one lender requires you to take out insurance to get the loan granted. The insurance covers a monthly premium of 0.45% of your current loan debt. At least two offer credit at competitive interest rates. However, at least five offer unsecured loans at a rate well above the market average. 6 also offers credit cards at varying annual interest rates. The loan offers are many and the conditions differ considerably, which partly speaks well about Freedom Finance as a loan broker. On the other hand, most of their partners are in the worse layer of lenders offering loans for staggering high interest rates and expensive dispensing fees.


What does the law say ?

What does the law say ?

According to the Consumer Credit Act, all costs for a loan must be clearly stated in the loan terms. As Freedom Finance is not a lender, it is also legal responsibility of the company not to inform the loan in advance of the loan terms for your loan.


What do customers say?


Freedom Finance has a broad partner base of 24 affiliated banks and creditors. Some of these get really bad grades at various consumer sites. Complaints about poor customer service, unreasonable interest rate increases and hidden fees appear in different directions. It should also be said that at least half of their partners are well-established actors with a relatively good reputation among customers and borrowers.


Is Freedom Finance a Good Credit Choice?


Freedom Finance is primarily a search service for bank loans. The company’s goal is “to convey loans with the best possible conditions for each customer and loan situation.” Therefore, one should instead ask the question: are their partners a good credit choice? Most offer unsecured loans to high interest rates. At least three of the banks that cooperate with Freedom Finance have been forced to pay millions in fines. You do not know what interest rate your loan ends on until you have submitted a loan application. In other words, there are some warning signs to consider. We do not, however, want to advise against applying for a loan through Freedom Finance. Some of their partners are well-established company names. Others, on the other hand, are lenders who end up in windy weather on more than one occasion. Be aware of the loan offers that Freedom Finance sends to you. Always choose a well-established player in front of one with a turbid reputation. Always review the terms of the loan. Read through the fine print and focus not only on the interest rate but also on the fees. It is here that cheap loans can quickly become stingingly expensive.

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The secured creditor is a natural or legal person whose right to payment is backed by a guarantee . This can be, for example, a mortgaged house or other attachable property.


Thus, in case of default, the creditor can execute the guarantee and ensure the repayment of the credit granted. Although the protection is not necessarily complete. That is, the entire loan is not always recovered, but only a part.


It should be remembered that a creditor is any individual or company with the power to demand the fulfillment of an obligation. This term is used especially for loans extended by financial institutions.


It is worth mentioning that the guarantee is, in general, a mechanism to protect the rights of a lender. Thus, with the backing of a third party or of a good (that can be sold to obtain liquidity ), the compensation or reduction to the maximum of possible damages produced by the debtor is ensured.


Types of secured creditor

There are two types of secured creditor:

There are two types of secured creditor:


With full guarantee: If the debt owed by the creditor is fully covered. This happens, for example, in the case of mortgage loans where the guarantee is the home itself.

With partial guarantee: If only the fulfillment of a part of the obligation of the debtor is ensured. Suppose, for example, that the loan has been US $ 20,000 and the guarantee presented is a car with a value of US $ 10,000.

Key aspects of the secured creditor

Among the key aspects of the secured creditors is its presence in high-value operations, such as mortgage loans . In this way, financial institutions reduce the risk of their activity.


We must also take into account that if the loan has a guarantee , the probability of default is reduced. Therefore, the interest rate , which determines the financial expense, should be lower.

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Would you like to ask for a loan, but first you want to make sure you can afford the installment of the same? When asking for a loan it is always better to be well informed about its duration and the amount of the installment, only in this way can you have a clear picture of its sustainability.


If you want to know how to calculate the rate of your financing, here you are in the right place. Let’s describe what are the variables that can weigh on the cost of the installment , so if you had to ask for a loan you will already know if it is ideal for you or you have to request another formula.


Financing installment: evaluate to decide


Requesting a personal loan can be the right solution to “remove chestnuts from the fire”. In many moments of life it can happen that you have the need to have access to some extra liquidity.

A sudden expense can happen, you may want to leave for a vacation in an exotic location, or simply the desire to make yourself the new car. All this can be done with a loan ; enough to carry out your project.

But be careful because once you have made yourself “pass the whim” as they say, there will be the installment of the loan to pay and it is certainly not a joke, but something to be taken seriously , so it is good to do the necessary calculations before to take it on.

There are many things to consider before asking for your loan or:

  • The credit institution to turn to
  • The amount of the installment to be paid
  • The conditions under which the loan is paid
  • The expenses related to the same

For this reason, if you are looking for information on how to calculate the rate of a personal loan, you are doing the right thing and here we offer you lots of useful information, as we always do on Asa and Sabbath Lily Hawks!

Choosing the most cost-effective financing that best suits your needs is never easy. There are several variables to evaluate as we have seen, the amount of the installment is certainly one of the main ones.

To keep the amount of the installment under control it is necessary to always keep in mind the conditions through which the loan is granted.

There are often opportunities for lower costs and faster delivery times. If a loan is requested online, it is often possible to know immediately the duration of the loan and the amount of the installment.


How to calculate the loan installment?


 How to calculate the loan installment?


Find out about how to calculate a loan installment and what are the elements that affect the final cost allows you to avoid scams and to be prepared when you come into contact with the credit institution to request the loan.

The focal point is always to make a precise plan based on your economic possibilities that allows you to create an effective amortization plan that weighs as little as possible on your financial income.


To get a loan and maybe request others in the future it is important to be classified as “good payers”, so evaluating the installment well will always allow you to be punctual in payments and to be able to manage even ordinary expenses related to a loan.

The repayment sum of the requested amount is based on the payment of a certain number of installments whose due date may be monthly, bimonthly or quarterly. These are variables that must be agreed with the credit institution.

All the installments to be paid contain part of the repayment of the sum to be repaid and in addition the interest accrued during the loan period , which can be fixed or variable.


Tan and Taeg in financing


Tan and Taeg in financing


The cost of the final installment is expressed thanks to some factors common to any type of loan. So first you need to keep in mind the definitions of Tan and Taeg .

The Tan is the nominal annual rate, or the interest rate applied to the sum disbursed by your credit institution. Instead, the Taeg is the Global Effective Annual Rate. This means that bank and management fees must be added to Tan by increasing the rate and therefore the amount of the installment.

In addition, in order to calculate the amount of a loan installment, the annual rate or the interest rate applied to the amount lent must be taken into account in addition to the sum paid: the number of installments to be paid and the duration of the loan.

Fast method for calculating the installment


 Fast method for calculating the installment


To proceed with the calculation of the installment you have access to two solutions:

  1. You can rely on online tools
  2. You can proceed to manual calculation

The manual calculation is to be done only if you have the necessary mathematical skills and also in the field of loans. If you don’t feel able to do it avoid it and go directly to the online method as you could rely on wrong information.

Online, on the other hand, you have simple and immediate solutions as you just need to fill in the required fields with the financed amount, the duration of the repayment plan, the number of annual installments and the interest rate applied.


How to Protect Your Credit Information Online Sun, 19 May 2019 13:42:34 +0000 Read More




Is your credit information secure?
Is it Reliable to Use the Internet for Credit Operations?
Can I rely on lending on websites and online credit platforms?
Is my data secure when applying for an internet loan?
What is the risk of having my credit information stolen on the web?

These are really questions that everyone asks as they enter the internet, and today the internet is increasingly accessible in most parts of the world, with the risk of stealing credit and identity information has increased in recent years.


Online credit information

The risk has risen because turnover has also grown, so these big questions of how you can protect yourself against cybercriminals gets in the air. Fortunately in the same way security protocols grow, and in the fintechs of credit and loan sites have advanced technology to protect data. With this in mind, we’ve listed some tips for you to ensure and take all necessary precautions to protect your personal and credit information when surfing the internet.


Beware of profiles in social media


Beware of profiles in social media


The popularity of social platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin has given cybercriminals easy access to an infinite amount of information from people. The “About me” section that is common on almost all of these social platforms may seem harmless, but the information or lack of information you provide is crucial to keeping your online identity secure.
In the section that identifies the address, phone number, age and school history should be avoided whenever possible. The less information you provide in these fields, the less likely a malicious subject will hack or steal personal information or identity.

Another essential tip of social media is to change your setting to “private.” This change in settings ensures that only your closest friends or connections can view your posts, profile, and private information.


Multiple passwords and credit information


Multiple passwords and credit information


While it can be very tedious and annoying to have to remember all the passwords required for use in online services due to the large number of active accounts. It is vital to use small variations in the passwords used to access services, sites, or credit platforms that use online sign-ups as a banking user or wherever you need to provide credit or debit card credentials.

If you decide to use a universal password for ease or laziness, you will regret it when your account is broken by a cyber thief who can easily access all of your personal email accounts to bank accounts.


Be careful when opening and reading emails


Be careful when opening and reading emails


Brazilians receive an average of about 30 emails per day. A large percentage of these emails are ads sent through online retail stores where you’ve already entered your email address. In recent years the increase in email advertising has grown wildly and with that growth has come to the age of phishing.

These types of messages are spam emails intended to look identical to trusted sites. These scammers typically feature a link that leads to a fake site where they will request personal information or detailed credit information.

If you by inattention enter your personal information, you are risking your name, reputation and credit. Cybercriminals can now e-mail mimicking very realistic official websites, use irresistible calls, so stay tuned for the next time you open your email inbox.


Use secure and reliable sites to get credit


Use secure and reliable sites to get credit


Whenever you are using websites to apply for credit or loan online that require your CPF number, bank account, personal and bank passwords or any financial information, make sure the website is from a reliable company and that you use the internet security protocols.

Do a search before signing up, requesting or agreeing to share your financial credentials or even your profiles. These valuable information can cause you to lose thousands of dollars in the hands of fellow cast members.

We hope these tips help protect you from having your data and credit information stolen. Always look for lenders online that are secure websites and reliable online application and that can help you in getting installment loan quickly and easily.