Compare fast loans / fast loans

Sometimes you may need an extra deposit in your account at short notice. For example, if you get an urgent need, some sort of unforeseen expense that needs to be paid as soon as possible or maybe if you really want something and don’t have the patience to wait.

That’s when a quick small loan can be an option – to get a quick supplement at the cash register. Here we compare a larger number of loans of the type fast loans, where you often have the money in the account the same or the next day.

Sms / fast loans are a high cost credit. If you cannot repay the entire debt, you risk a payment note. Contact the budget and debt advisory services in your municipality for support.

Lenders offering SMS loans with payment note

Lenders offering SMS loans with payment note

Of course, a quick loan is very much about getting the money quickly, as the name suggests. Most lenders who deal with fast loans offer small loans of between USD 500 and USD 15,000 where you usually borrow for a shorter period – 30 – 90 days (sometimes maybe a little longer but less than a year). SMS loans are usually the same type of loan, but a fast loan has, as I said, focused on quick payment.

An ordinary fast loan usually goes through your application very quickly, as long as you apply for a loan during the lender’s opening hours. Once the loan has been approved, you usually have the money either the same day or the day after. On the weekend it may be late on Monday. Some lenders aim to pay out the money within 15 minutes during business hours on weekdays.

Part of the fact that it is fast is that the lenders often use eg BankID, mobile BankID and e-identification etc. when they verify your identity and allow you to sign the loan documents. You can also get an account with them. Because everything is done digitally, you do not have to use the old method, which means that you will receive the promissory note sent to you by mail and then sign on and send it back. Then the loan can take 5-6 days before it is completed, which is not so fast.

  • Get your application assessed almost immediately. You will know if you are approved or denied within 5 minutes during opening hours.
  • Get the money paid either the same day or the next. Exactly how fast it goes depends on whether you apply during business hours or not, on weekday or weekend and what bank you have. Some lenders are also a little faster than others.
  • The loan is normally small, up to USD 10,000 and the maturity 90 days or similar, which means that you pay back pretty quickly.
  • You should think through your needs carefully and only borrow if you really need the money and if you know you can repay within the term.

If it is really important to get money quickly


This type of loan can be an option. It is, as I said, not the cheapest loan available and you should clearly not borrow unless you are sure you need the money and that you can repay the loan properly. If you have decided to borrow then you can think of these things to get your money as quickly as possible.

  • The lender’s opening hours are important as they only go through applications and make payments during working hours. If you apply for a loan on a Tuesday at 13, then it should be dealt with directly and the payment is also handled more or less directly. If you apply after the closing date, it is handled the day after.
  • Different lenders have different opening hours. Some are open later in the evening and some also have full opening. If you need the money really fast – look up the opening hours so that the lender you choose is actually open and can handle your application.
  • Payments can sometimes come in on the same day, even within 15 minutes of the application being approved. Otherwise within a few hours. Getting the money into the account so quickly doesn’t always work. Some banks tend to be premium, such as Nordea. It is seldom that it takes more than the day after before the money is in the account, however, it is probably only if you apply on the weekend (and especially if it is weekend closed with the lender).
  • The better you fill out your application, the less likely it is that something will be a hassle, that the lender will need to look up additional information or anything else that may delay the approval of the loan. So be careful and fill in your application properly.

An alternative to taking a small loan

An alternative to taking a small loan

Such as a quick loan may be to have a credit card that you can use in special situations, for example in emergencies and when an unexpected expense arises. As a type of buffer. Of course, it is best to save a buffer so that you have the money to solve these situations without loans or credits, but if you do not have any buffer saved now, a credit card is a pretty good solution.

The important thing about a credit card is that you repay the debt in a fairly short time. Usually you have 30-45 days interest-free on the card and if you pay the next invoice you get the credit completely without interest. It is a good deal and then there will be no extra charge when you take out your loan / credit. However, if you do not pay the entire debt on the next invoice, then the loan will be interest, which is quite high in addition. Then it will not be directly affordable.