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If you have money on hand, then you should go for the best savings account on the market. We look at the possibilities and where you might find Denmark’s best savings account. But let’s immediately conclude that there are several factors that can determine what is the best for you as a consumer.

So when we present you with the best savings account it is based on the interest we have been able to find on the market. Get an idea of ​​who can help you and what interest you can expect.


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There is good reason to consider your options if you have a big savings and would like to get the money in the best possible way. Obtaining an interest rate of 0.10% or 1.25% can vary greatly. Most people experience a low interest rate in the country’s banks, which is why we present you with the alternatives.

It is important to distinguish between the variable and fixed interest types. We therefore look at “Denmark’s best savings account” in both contexts, only assessed on the basis of the interest rate.

Santander Consumer Bank – 1.25% – fixed rate type

Santander Consumer Bank is the provider that scores highest on the fixed part and it involves 2 years of binding. Next comes Ikano Bank with an interest rate of 1.15%, but where you have 3 months of bonding. So there must be a lot to prefer them, rather than Santander.

Santander Consumer Bank – 0.90% – variable interest rate type

Santander Consumer Bank also scores highest on the variable part, where you have 1 month’s binding on the solution. Before they become too dominant, it can be mentioned that Bank Norwegian offers an interest rate of 0.85% and without binding. So it’s definitely a good alternative. Who you should choose will probably depend on how you are with 1 month of binding. Both are attractive options in our optics.

It should be mentioned that the information is according to MyBanker, as they tend to be a credible medium. It has not been possible to identify more attractive interest rate levels, via the country’s large banks and their websites, in our investigation of this.

Compare and explore your options

You should always compare and examine your options thoroughly when you need to find the right place. There can be a marked difference in the counseling, fees along the way and other conditions. Many things can have an influence on who is right for you.

In this article, we have mentioned a number of Denmark’s best savings accounts, from our perspective on the greatest possible return, but familiarize yourself with the market. Just like when you need to find a cheap consumer loan online.

Here we can also help you find Denmark’s best consumer loan online .

You can always talk to your bank advisor if you have questions or need guidance in general. There is immediately nothing to prevent you from saving money elsewhere if it can be done under more attractive terms.