Banks Online – Which Internet Bank Should I Choose?


There are many banks on the net and some of them have come on the market in recent years. Bank Norwegian and Santander Consumer Bank are two of the obvious providers that have positively influenced the market and opportunities.

We look at the leading banks online and which internet bank you should choose. Get help finding the best online bank based on your needs.


Which internet bank should I choose?


 Which internet bank should I choose?


The important question is which internet bank you should choose. There are many parameters that have an impact on the right choice. Partly your own needs and partly your choice of provider.

There is no doubt that the loan companies are different when it comes to requirements, terms, loan amounts and interest. You should therefore make an effort to find the best solution.

Based on the interest rate , we believe you should look for online banks such as Bank Norwegian, Santander Consumer Bank and Ikano Bank. They have attractive interest rates and offer many options as you can apply for both small and large amounts of money.

Based on the response time and requirements , you should probably not focus on the above. You must either have a permanent job or earn 240,000 a year to apply for them. At the same time, you probably expect there can be 1-3 business days before the money is in the account. So, if fast response time is crucial, or if you cannot meet these requirements, alternatives like Nordic Loans or Vivus will be good candidates. Here you must be 18 and 20 years respectively to be able to apply.

However, let us emphasize that you should always go for the lowest credit costs, whether that means you have to wait a little longer for the money. For this reason, you should not stay away from applying for more places, in order to give yourself the best starting point. It can save you many thousands of dollars.

You can always compare consumer loans on our front page .

Start by clarifying your needs

A good start will be to clarify what needs you have as a customer. Do you need 25,000, 50,000 or 100,000 DKK? It has a lot to say for your choices and who you should apply with.

Those who are best in loans of DKK 25,000 need not be in the case of loans of DKK 100,000 , so it will always require an individual assessment. At the same time, it is also not given that you meet the requirements in all places.

When we talk about your needs, most people will have one of the following points as their primary driver when making a decision. The question is what is most important to you when choosing a bank online? Keep in mind you can’t always get it all, as the cheapest eg. Rarely are the quickest to pay out the money.

  • Are you looking for the cheapest solution (lowest APR)?
  • Are you looking for special benefits, grace-free, break etc.?
  • Are you looking for quick response times or strong reviews.

Compare banks online through us

You can always compare banks online through our website. We have even made targeted listings, depending on the amount of money you are looking for. This means you can easily check your options, regardless of whether you are missing 25,000, 50,000 or 100,000 kroner in the account. The possibilities will be very different as each provider has individual limits.

The comparison can be used to learn about the terms, requirements, response times and, not least, which online banks are among the cheapest. Make use of it to find the cheapest consumer loan online.

We wish there could be easily identified a best internet bank, it just doesn’t hang like that. It will always be individual and based on your personal preferences and the providers’ credit rating.